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're planning you don't get to have it. evil ists. evil dwells in people. >> it was just bore halloween, e killer that still haunts. >> i found him just lying there. coul't feel a pulse. >> a young dad engaged to be married, dea on the grou. >> they deterned that it was a murder >> and here's wha made this mystery so chilling. the possibleuspects werell in stume. >> the cowboy and the penguin, everybody is dressed a somebody else. how are you going to be able to identify people. >> cowboy, penguin, costume killer? sounds like somhing ripped right from the pages of stephen king, but in this case, the horror isreal. >> we hadhis piece of the coume. we didn't know what it was. >> aalloween crime to send shivers down your spine. >> i was terried. somethin had happened. i didn't kno what. i'm lester holt. welcome to "dateline." don'tatch this one alon here's josh with aale under a halloween moon. it's one time when everyone pretends to be someone else. when being two-faced is part of the deal. there's a fling that maybe the rules don't aly andhat during those mn lit hours, we all hav license to
a noise. i will kill who ever comes up here to find you. >> what does that do to a child? >> i don think tre's ything worse you can do to a child. >> tonigh the mormon girl whose innocence was so brutally stolen reveals how she turd terror into triumph summoning the resolve to survi and even outwt her captors. she writesbout it all in her new book "my story". >> when i decided to write i i knew i wanted it to be real. i knew i wanted to go all the way. >> so why now? >> i have heardo many terrible ories. on in four girls, one in six ys are going to be sexually abus. those statistic are staggering. so in a sense it was important that you put out the detail of that abuse so people realize they're not alone? >> absolutely. >> itll goes back to the late springf 2002. elizabeth w lived in an upscale neighborhood i salt lake city utah wit her parents ed and loisnd five siblings was just typical -year-old girl eerly anticiping high school. >>ll the different clubs and sports teams and getting my driver's license and dating. i mean, i was ready. >> in a city fams for its mormon roots, elizabeth
>> white. i'd say , 20. >> do you remember any kinof description at all on these guys? >> i don't think -- th were close 6 feet. thin, e of them had blond hair. ally, really short blond hair. >> reporter: the trail of oody footprts, two sets of footprin led from the parkin lot toward a college dorm a few blocks away,ut a search there turned up nobody suscious. ditto for this composite stch bad on the janitors' descriptions. ey vanished like a pr of ghosts at halloween. >> at colombia, i don'think anybody could have gotten around and not ard about it. >> reporr: this is leslie, ryan's mother. >>hen you live in a to and there's been aurder and they don'know who committed t murder, u're wondering, you ow, is this person still out ere? >> reporter: but life goesn. ryan went to college, chuck struggled, boozedrugs, the usual cocktail of trouble. and then two years aer kent's murder, the "tribune" ran an anniversary story, printed wha details were known all over again. and a couplef months later chuck was in the sauce, d he ran into ryan home from college for the holidays. >> he sayshey, man
macomber. how could he know whoetrayed his trust. his father, his moth, which one? >> don't know what'strue, what's not true. i don't know who told who what. >> neither d katie, t young lawyer at the arizona project opened the musty fe and looked inside. >> we don't want tolose this case because it'slways haunted us. >> of course it has, even thoh it happened long before she was bo. how long? fifty years. phoenix. wasn't the sprawling moder city we know today. backhen lots of open desert, rt paths framed by contact us, framed b red mountains. of course there were those outrageo tail fins. one evening in the warm spring of 1962, aounghoenix couple ok a ride out to th desert. >> this was two young people engaged to be maied. freshly scrubbed, just 20 years old, met at the phone company. that's where they worked. >> these two people were standing tizens. they both had jobs. ey both cam from very good families. >> yes. and thent was may 23rd. timnd jce had dinne with her parents and drove off in a '59 chevy, just about like this one. they stopped for a milkshake. then tim veered offhe roa
and yell out a quick warning. >> i said don't come out, they're shooting. go, run, hide. do not come out. katherine knew the situation was dangerous, extremely dangerous, but at least she had some cover. faith wambua and her kids were also trapped on the ground floor, but cowering out in the open exposed to the gunman stalking new victims. >> i am telling the kids lie down. now there is this continuous loud sound. that's when, i knew they were shooting. then i thought -- uh-oh. wrong choice of hiding place. and i remember my daughter at one point asked me, mama was this the best place you could hide? >> the assault continued. >> you're not hearing just one gun. it was all over. it sounded all look it was all over. of course, in the building it was echoing and reverberating. you could look up and see other floors. where i was laying. i could see across and up, the different levels. you know? it was just chaos. >> reporter: what's the smell like? >> the whole mall was cloudy and just smoke everywhere. gunpowder. burning. smell. >> reporter: did any of them come near you? >> i saw two of th
? >> yes, yes. there are kids. >> do you know if they're out of the house? >> i don't know. >> neighbors knew paul wasn't there. he was living in an apartment three hours away with his new girlfriend. that morning he got a call from catherine's pastor. >> picked it up and it was pastor phyllis. she goes where are the kids? i'm like they're with me. what's going on? she's like the house is on fire. >> firefighters worked for hours dousing the flames. when sue muller arrived, the fire was still raging. she stood vigil for hours waiting to hear news of her friend. >> all of a sudden, the firefighters were concentrated in one area, looking down into the basement and the local funeral home was there with the body bag. i saw them bring the body bag into the basement. >> in the destruction and muck of the basement, under massive pieces of what had been the house, firefighters found the remains of the family dog and, to their horror, the body of 41-year-old catherine novak. >> oh, no, oh, no. it can't be. i think it takes a while to grasp that death is forever. >> what did you think when you hea
babysitter was there and her boyfriend scott. >> i grabbed her shoulders and i stopped her and i said don't touch anything. >> the glass door was smeared with blood. >> somebody said oh, my god, there's nick. >> i said get out of here, go down the street. she said what are you going to do? i said i'm going to get that boy out of there. i'm not leaving without that boy. >> scott grabbed an ax for protection and then dropped it when he realized how desperately nick needed help. >> i slapped him a few times and nothing happened. so i started screaming at him and started smacking him harder and telling him he wasn't going to die today a. and all of a sudden, he sat up. he squeezed nick tightly against his chest. trying to stop the bleeding. >> he said call 911, call 911. >> lottie was at work when she got a frantic call from her daughter. >> she was hysterical. she was screaming that nick was hurt. i drove home as fast as i could. >> lottie didn't see carmen either, but when police officers arrived at the scene, they made a grizzly discovery. the flight attendant and devoted mother was dead.
looking younger, getting something of the past back, the facelift question. >> she's like, i don't really wa it but if your dad's getting all fixed up and looking good, then maybe i shod. >> what did you say to her? >> said, mom, you don'need that. you' beautiful. i mean, she s incredibly beautiful. >> but decision made on april 3rd, 27, michele checked into the spital in bountiful, utah. the doctors worked on her for almost ne hours. a long time for a facelift still, ty proclaimed to be complete success and the ver next day she went home ain. her face covered in bandages. but otherwise parently in perfect health. alexis had beewith her mother for the surgery, stad for a week to nurse her through her recoverynd now relieved, alexis returned to her medical studies in nada. >> my mom and my father dropped me off at the airport and look back, my mom was doing well, i smiled, and said, i'll call you soon. >> whichhe did. >> i aed her how she was doing. she was fine she told me, ales, your dad is being so sweet to me. he's just being so sweet to . and that was the last time talked to her. >> t
because there's going to be a nuclear war. and i said i don't want to live if everybody else is dying. oh, he was a true patriot and he worried about things and wanted to be prepared for the civil war that was going to erupt and so he was a little over the top. >> darla wasn't thrilled about it but she accepted him and his radical views. after all, they were still kind of in their honeymoon phase. >> it was all kind of surreal. i think we both felt like we were back being teenagers again. because we both, you know, hadn't really had love for quite a few years. >> they found each other late in life, after both had raised families. kay had three adult children by then, one of whom, his eldest, roger, stayed close. >> he was my best friend. we did everything together. >> mind you, roger was not at all like kay. for one thing, he had suffered a brain injury in an accident years ago, so unlike kay, he couldn't work much. lived on disability. but he liked to hang out with his dad. >> we lived less than a mile apart because we did enjoy spending so much time together. if i ever needed help, he'd
that gut-wrenching feeling it all exploded right now and you don't know what happened. >> reporter: must be such a weird thing to hear. >> it was. over the years being in this type of work, you tend to get calloused over and hide your feelings but when it hits real close to home, you ask yourself why. >> reporter: detective tammy mcneal was no rookie but this was the first case of its kind she had ever seen in mustang. >> that was my first real whodunnit homicide case. >> reporter: what significance does that have for you? >> it was very significant. i was nervous. i wanted to of course do a good job and make sure that the right person went to jail for that crime. >> reporter: to find that person, detectives needed to comb through every detail of becky's eyewitness account. mcneal and an agent from the oklahoma state bureau of investigation interviewed her again at the hospital the night of the shooting. >> 1:23 a.m. in the morning. what's your first name? >> becky bryan. >> reporter: becky talked about how close she and keith were, especially after they made it through that rough patch.
. >> igualmente doÑa chavela, y usted tambiÉn don oscar. >> igual. >> al rato te das una vuelta allÁ arriba, me cierras bien, hijo y te vienes a cenar con nosotros. >> ay, ¿cÓmo cree? si llegan los inquilinos y no me ven en el escritorio, capaz de que hasta me corren. >> no, ni dios lo mande. no, no, no. >> ¡pero nosotras sÍ podemos, doÑa chave! ¿nos invita? >> ¿pero ustedes quÉ hacen aquÍ? yo las hacÍa en su casa, con su familia. >> pus, nosotras tambiÉn pero pues... >> no, ni me cuentes, ni me cuentes porque ahorita me suelto chillando, y me enchilo de veras. y esta noche es para que la pasemos bien contentos. asÍ que vamos a cenar. ♪ >> ni pregunten ni pregunten, Órale. vamos pa' la casa. ¡Órale! ahorita te mando algo rico de cenar, mijo. tÚ no te preocupes. >> bueno, en realidad, el mercado inmobiliario en mÉxico en este momento estÁ teniendo un boom. yo creo que los cortina deberÍamos de aprovecharlo porque creo que estamos en momento de crecer y de salir un poco de lo que hemos hecho Últimamente. >> con permiso, yo voy a ir a... voy a... >> siento que es el momento d
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-- >> every small town has a bookie. that's something that i don't even think about. >> and brett was not the "sopranos" break your leg style bookie. was brett a gentle bookie? >> oh, very, very. everybody says that he delivered his money. brett was good. he was a good bookie. >> brett also told investigators that bryan capnerhurst, the man he had just shot and killed, was in the bookie business, too. as a matter of fact, he worked for brett. bryan was also an unlikely bookie. a former high school athlete, he was a family man who worked for a county recreation commission and coved kid's sports teams. tammy had spoken kindly of him. >> i think she thought he was a nice guy. i mean, i think she must have thought a lot because he was in her home. with her children around. and tammy was very protective of her children. >> and i think he trusted her? >> right, right, exactly. tammy had always looked out for him, you know, getting an extra lunch for him, taking care of him. >> but investigators found out there had been a problem in that bookie business. and it all boiled down to money.
remember my favorite things ♪ ♪ and then i don't feel so bad ♪ and we danced all night to the best song ever ♪ >> "the best song ever" has made one direction the favorite band in the world. they meld 19 million singles and 10 million albums. the beatle-mania-like arrival in l.a. last night. [ screaming ] >> absolute chaos at lax. the pushy paparazzi, too much for zane. >> have a good one, bro. >> what was the sexiest thing a woman could wear? >> daisy dukes. >> evening a smile. >> what was your favorite subject at school? >> pe was mine. >> pe. >> music. >> music. >> look at this guy. >> what is your current favorite tv show? >> "homeland." >> yeah. the boys are watching "homeland." with "story of my life" already another hit, it's on track to sell half a million copies one week. when their third album "midnight memories" is released monday. >> what's your fondest memory of the album? >> all of them. >> thoulg their sound is a little more serious, fans should not fret. they have not lost their zany sense of humor. or their sense of smell. their first fragrance debuts in time for the h
's mom. i don't know where you are, darling. >> but nici never showed up to that important meeting. never received her award. and now, friends and family desperately tried reaching her by phone. >> hi, nici. this is rod calling. we don't know what's going on. >> their pleas relegated to the silence of voice mail. the anxiety level wept o went of oh the chart. >> no matter what happened, nici, even if it was a relapse, we want you to know that we love you. >> had nici, in fact, fallen back into addiction? >> i started hoping that. because then she would have been alive. >> the alternative that nici may be dead somewhere was too much to bear. a bulletin went out. be on the lookout for a 5'3" woman with a tattoo on her back. friends knew she would likely be wearing a cross necklace and a diamond tennis bracelet. nine days later, king county detective, kathleen decker, was dispatched to an area near sea-tac airport, south of the city. >> the call came in from my sergeant, requesting i respond to this location regarding a woman's body. she had been found by a passerby in the blackberry bushes.
and you need to decide between cohol and me. he would apologize and say i choose you and i want you. i don'want the alcohol. that week beth invid her brother to meet her boyfriend. perhaps she wanted his take on tom. first impressi, you see him walk in. >> well, he had longish blond hair comd back and a double breasted blue blazern. very ppous. seemed fake to me. >> that night over dinr, th's brother kept asking tom toolan what he did for a living. >> and he couldn really tell me tmy satisfaction what he did. i'm an investor. what do you invest i he couldn't reallyive me an answer. >>eth's brother said toolan was drinking during dinner but not to excess. afterwardsoolan and beth aded back to his apartment and the way home beth td friends something shocking happened. she had seen him drunk she had en him angry. but she had never seen her new boyfend like this. >> he had put her into a headlock and was walking down the street sing i want to beat your head in. she shared with mei went back to his apartment to just gety palm pilot and cell phone an get out there and i wonder i shouldn't have
were caught between the two planes. >> i don't know why i'm still alive as it is. our prop is only two feet behind us. i was certain it was coming to me. >> it looks as if almost the planes stop and hold you there for a second. >> yeah. >> how long did it feel like to you? >> it felt like forever. >> sarah's hand was pinned between the aircraft. >> i felt my hand being squished, and then, first, split second, wondering, well, how am i going to get out of that? >> dan heard trish cry out. [ screams ] >> yeah, i will never forget that scream that came out of her mouth. >> she saw those planes coming together? >> yeah. >> all i saw was white, and it's certainly not right. >> and that's the impact. >> yeah. >> what did you feel? >> god, the sound of the prop just grinding through metal. i kept thinking, like, i'm going to die. in a second, i'm about to die. there's no way i'm going to survive this. and then the explosion, we're still pinned, and i could see sarah. and i felt the heat. >> once the wing went and the flames, felt the heat, i was able to pull off, do something, but i'm unable
on. what do we do? >> what did he say? >> he said, i just heard, too. i don't really know all the details. >> the hoagland family gathered at uc san diego medical center where connie had been taken for emergency surgery. >> we got to quickly see her rushed from the hallway into surgery. it was probably ten seconds. and i just remember telling her, i love you, and her being awake but kind of being out of it. and then that was it. >> seeing her like that and all the wires coming out of her and the bags hanging and the blood and all that, it was very, very shocking, taken back, i almost felt sick. >> what kid -- did you think had happened? >> i thought her truck malfunctioned. we didn't know was it an accident, was it the gas tank, what's going on? i didn't know what exactly had happened. >> by now, though, investigators knew this explosion was no accident because they found bomb fragments embedded inside connie's truck making it clear this was an intentional act, a car bomb, which got investigators wondering if it was the work of terrorists. >> almost immediately when we came on
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